Lit. Fest. Ottawa 

I had a great day sharing my songs with the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades of Franklin Co..  Everyone got into the music, smiles were everywhere. I want to thank everyone that made the day happen and to all the kids that I saw, you where great. I loved the questions about writing words and music. I hope it was as much fun for you as for me!!!

End of Summer 

It was a slow summer didn’t have as many shows as I have had in the past. Don’t know if it’s the economy or I need to get the word out that I’m still singing my songs. I had a show in Pomona. That was the first time in all these years that I performed for their library. Pomona is where all three of my children went to High School. It was good to see people from my past, people that knew me as a teacher and a coach and some that remember me with all that red hair on top of my head I also sang in…

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First shows 

I had a great time in Baxter Springs and then Fort Scott. Pj and I got up early and headed down for the show. It was a nice drive and it was fun looking over the country side. The show at Baxter Springs was fun and the kids were great. Good kids!! We sang and had a lot of fun. Had to get to Fort Scott pretty fast so not much time for messing around. Fort Scott was great, I've been there many, many times and the kids know my songs. There is a lot of singing along and smiling. It was so good to see everyone…

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Yes it's time for summer to start. I'm looking forward to having a fun and relaxing summer this year. Pj and I have already been off work for a couple of weeks and are starting to get into the routine of enjoying life. We have been able to see and take care of our granddaughter, Kennedy and that has been a joy. We plan on playing golf, swimming and just going different places just because. Chad is now in Colorado Springs so we plan to go out to Colorado a couple of times this summer. Cord is home…

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Franklin Co. Lit. Festival 

Just got home from the Franklin Co. Lit Festival. It was a wonderful day, we did 4 shows for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades of Franklin Co. I had a great time sharing my songs and the kids were the best. They asked me some really great questions about writing and creating music. I enjoyed sharing with them about how some of my songs come to life. We sang some of my greatest hits and there were a lot of laughs, smiles, great singing and even some cool moving around when we did Stand Up. Remember if you…

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First show of the year! 

I had a great time tonight singing at Corinth Neighborhood Library. You have put together a great space and you should be proud. Thanks for letting me share in the fun tonight. It was great seeing Pam and her kids and it was good to see their Mom’s and Dad’s, Oh, and Pam, thank you for the Birthday card. It was also good seeing the people that have become apart of my life because of my music, over all of these years. Last of all, for all of the kids, your singing, you sounded great!!!! Thanks for…

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Merry Christmas 

I would like to say Merry Christmas to all. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas morn and that your next year will be filled with hope, love and peace to all!!!! Merry Christmas Alan

School is starting 

The summer is over for me. It’s back to school for me. I have to tell you I had a fun time in July with 3 really fun shows, Marysville, Baxter Springs and Fort Scott. PJ and I went up the Marysville and we had a wonderful drive. The country side was so green then and the rolling hills look so pretty. The Kids were great and we had such a good time doing the show with everyone. We had a big day when we went to Baxter Spring. Baxter Spring is right in the bottom corner of Kansas. We had never done a show…

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Last Week 

Last week was a hard but good week also. On Saturday June 11th my Dad died. My brother and I where with him when he passed that morning. I will miss him so. I also was doing shows that week and to see all the smiling faces and children singing also gave me a warm feeling to see life and youth as they were all having fun. Thank you to all the librarians that I talk with about my father. I felt like everyone gave me comfort. Again Thanks

June 1st 

Two great shows today. My first time at Osage City and the kids were great. Lyndon is like going home to me. I use to teach there many, many years ago. Some of the Moms were my kids. We had a great time. Good singing. Great Burps and fun moving to Stand up... Thanks for making me feel like a star. All I know is that you all were really the Stars......