Yes it's time for summer to start. I'm looking forward to having a fun and relaxing summer this year. Pj and I have already been off work for a couple of weeks and are starting to get into the routine of enjoying life. We have been able to see and take care of our granddaughter, Kennedy and that has been a joy. We plan on playing golf, swimming and just going different places just because. Chad is now in Colorado Springs so we plan to go out to Colorado a couple of times this summer. Cord is home, working in the city, making money for college. Tara is off for the summer like Mom and Dad, the time you are so glad that you are a teacher. She is having a great summer already being with Kennedy and being a Mom herself. I have a handful of Kid shows this summer but not as much and I usually do. Guess I will use the time writing more songs and finding different places to play my music. I did a show a couple of months ago that was just my big people songs, it was fun to share my other songs. I hope to do some more of that as the year goes on. I hope everyone has a great summer and life is good!! Alan