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Alan Cunningham: News

Lit. Fest. Ottawa - March 27, 2015

I had a great day sharing my songs with the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades of Franklin Co..  Everyone got into the music, smiles were everywhere. I want to thank everyone that made the day happen and to all the kids that I saw, you where great. I loved the questions about writing words and music. I hope it was as much fun for you as for me!!!

End of Summer - October 19, 2012

It was a slow summer didn’t have as many shows as I have had in the past. Don’t know if it’s the economy or I need to get the word out that I’m still singing my songs. I had a show in Pomona. That was the first time in all these years that I performed for their library. Pomona is where all three of my children went to High School. It was good to see people from my past, people that knew me as a teacher and a coach and some that remember me with all that red hair on top of my head.

I also sang in Oskaloosa, that was my first time there also. It was a fun show with a lot of fun kids. It was good meeting everyone there. Hope to have more shows next summer and I guess I’m going to have to work harder at getting my stuff out there for the public to see.

I’ve been writing a lot the past 2 months, mostly big people stuff. I have been getting a bunch of my songs stuck in my head and worked up. I want to start sharing them with whoever would like to hear them. I’m thinking about even going out on Mass Street in Lawrence and stand there, singing.

I’m going to put together a CD with about 6 of my new older people music and then when that’s done I’m ready to make my third Kid Songs CD. I have a number of songs that I have written for school and for shows. It’s time to get them down on a CD. I have a lot of people and teachers that want my “Stand Up” song so this winter I’ll be down in my studio recording.

Last I need to let everyone know that program time is here again. The 4th and 5th grades are doing a show on Nov. 1st “Vote 2012” it’s a show that we put together in the year 2000 and every four years we get it out and let the students know how important it is the vote. We are Americans and that is something we should not take for granted. The 2nd and 3rd grades are doing a Christmas show Dec. 6th that I wrote “Santa’s Rocket Sleigh” It is a fun show with some great songs and I’m not saying that just because I wrote them. I have as much fun as the kids when we are working on them. Come by Eugene Field and take a look and what we do, you’ll have a good time, I promise………

First shows - June 10, 2012

I had a great time in Baxter Springs and then Fort Scott. Pj and I got up early and headed down for the show. It was a nice drive and it was fun looking over the country side. The show at Baxter Springs was fun and the kids were great. Good kids!! We sang and had a lot of fun. Had to get to Fort Scott pretty fast so not much time for messing around. Fort Scott was great, I've been there many, many times and the kids know my songs. There is a lot of singing along and smiling. It was so good to see everyone down there. Went and ate and then started home. Took the back roads home and looked at all the farm houses and barns. We stopped at Richmond and look at the furniture store there. They have the most amazing stuff there. It was a good day and I hope to be able to see you all next year.......

Summer! - May 31, 2012

Yes it's time for summer to start. I'm looking forward to having a fun and relaxing summer this year. Pj and I have already been off work for a couple of weeks and are starting to get into the routine of enjoying life. We have been able to see and take care of our granddaughter, Kennedy and that has been a joy. We plan on playing golf, swimming and just going different places just because. Chad is now in Colorado Springs so we plan to go out to Colorado a couple of times this summer. Cord is home, working in the city, making money for college. Tara is off for the summer like Mom and Dad, the time you are so glad that you are a teacher. She is having a great summer already being with Kennedy and being a Mom herself. I have a handful of Kid shows this summer but not as much and I usually do. Guess I will use the time writing more songs and finding different places to play my music. I did a show a couple of months ago that was just my big people songs, it was fun to share my other songs. I hope to do some more of that as the year goes on. I hope everyone has a great summer and life is good!! Alan

Franklin Co. Lit. Festival - March 14, 2012

Just got home from the Franklin Co. Lit Festival. It was a wonderful day, we did 4 shows for the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades of Franklin Co. I had a great time sharing my songs and the kids were the best. They asked me some really great questions about writing and creating music. I enjoyed sharing with them about how some of my songs come to life. We sang some of my greatest hits and there were a lot of laughs, smiles, great singing and even some cool moving around when we did Stand Up. Remember if you have a dream or a talent and you love it. Don’t let people make you feel like you shouldn’t do it. Remember if it is something that you love then do it for yourself and if other people enjoy it then share it. Thanks for the great day!!!! Alan

First show of the year! - March 1, 2012

I had a great time tonight singing at Corinth Neighborhood Library. You have put together a great space and you should be proud. Thanks for letting me share in the fun tonight. It was great seeing Pam and her kids and it was good to see their Mom’s and Dad’s, Oh, and Pam, thank you for the Birthday card. It was also good seeing the people that have become apart of my life because of my music, over all of these years. Last of all, for all of the kids, your singing, you sounded great!!!! Thanks for helping me sing my songs..... Alan

Merry Christmas - December 24, 2011

I would like to say Merry Christmas to all. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas morn and that your next year will be filled with hope, love and peace to all!!!! Merry Christmas Alan

School is starting - August 23, 2011

The summer is over for me. It’s back to school for me. I have to tell you I had a fun time in July with 3 really fun shows, Marysville, Baxter Springs and Fort Scott. PJ and I went up the Marysville and we had a wonderful drive. The country side was so green then and the rolling hills look so pretty. The Kids were great and we had such a good time doing the show with everyone. We had a big day when we went to Baxter Spring. Baxter Spring is right in the bottom corner of Kansas. We had never done a show there before. I have driven through on my way to Oklahoma and Texas but never really stopped before. The library was this a cool, old, big, building that was built to be something other than a library but it made a great library. We sang up stairs and there was even an elevator to get to the third floor. Everyone sang and had a great time, I was glad we were asked to sing there. After the show we headed up to Fort Scott. I've been singing in Fort Scott for a long time now and it does almost feel like I’m home when I’m there. The kids know all the words to my songs and we just have a wonderful time. Thanks again to all the librarians that ask PJ and I to come share my music….. It’s back to school so I will be teaching a lot of kids about music and hope that they fall in love with it as much as I have……

Last Week - June 17, 2011

Last week was a hard but good week also. On Saturday June 11th my Dad died. My brother and I where with him when he passed that morning. I will miss him so. I also was doing shows that week and to see all the smiling faces and children singing also gave me a warm feeling to see life and youth as they were all having fun. Thank you to all the librarians that I talk with about my father. I felt like everyone gave me comfort. Again Thanks

June 1st - June 1, 2011

Two great shows today. My first time at Osage City and the kids were great. Lyndon is like going home to me. I use to teach there many, many years ago. Some of the Moms were my kids. We had a great time. Good singing. Great Burps and fun moving to Stand up... Thanks for making me feel like a star. All I know is that you all were really the Stars......

It's a Girl - December 17, 2010

I just want to let everyone know that I'm a Grandpa. On Dec. 9th at 2:17 in the morning my daughter Tara and her husband Chris had a little baby girl. Kennedy Grace, She weighed 6 pounds 15 oz. and was 20 inchs long. She is beautiful, really she is... I need to get some pictures up and I will make sure I get one of her. Everyone have a Merry Christams..... Alan

Christmas is coming!! - December 15, 2010

First I have to say Merry Christmas to all. The last month we have been working on programs at both schools, Eugene Field and Eisenhower. My 4th and 5th grades did a show called 50’s Forever. It was just a fun show with a lot of great, fun music. We were singing, Dancing, doing skits it was about an hour of good old fun. We had some students do solos, I was proud of everyone and I think all the students were proud of the job they did. The last two week we were doing our Christmas programs with the 2nd and 3rd grade. We did a show called the “Elves’ Impersonator.” This too was a fun show, the third graders did all the acting and 2nd were the back up singers. There were some great Elvis moves by some of my students and the singing was great. I have to say that everyone did a great job…. In this last week the morning of my last program my daughter Tara had a little girl at 2:17 in the morning. I became a grandpa for the first time. My little granddaughters name is Kennedy Grace and she is beautiful….. I want to again say Merry Christmas to everyone. I know in our house we feel so blessed. I hope everyone has a wonderful, joyful Christmas season…… Alan Cunningham

Summers Over, School has Started!! - September 10, 2010

Summer is over and School has started. I would have to say that I had a great summer. I want to say thank you to everyone that asked me to come sing. I would have to say that I had some of the greatest singers and dancers and smiles ever this summer. I got to sing in some really fun places too. Big stages, Cool looking Libraries and I even got to sing in a Fire Station, that was the best!!!!! We did a show in Ottawa and had people bring food for Hope House, it was a great show. We had over 380 foods given to us and about 185 people came to sing and have fun. I think we will need to do this again next year!!! I’m sorry but I need to get some new pictures on my web site, I will be working on that but it is easier for me to write songs then it is to do computer stuff. I need to work harder on computer stuff… School has started and life is busy. I’m helping coach football and West Franklin again this year, you know I was a Football player, Tight End when I was young and had hair….
My 5th and 4th grades are starting to work on a program, 50s Forever, A lot of fun songs and dancing. It is going to be a great show!!! I’m singing about every other weekend, but if you need me to come sing for you don’t be afraid to ask, I love sharing my songs….. I will be getting back with you and telling you about what’s going on with my shows and schools and everything else. Oh, I need to tell you that it is just PJ and me at home now. All my kids have grown up. Cord my last kid has went to collage at Macpherson, a freshman, Chad at Ottawa, a senior, Tara is married and teaching school at West Franklin and she is going to have a baby in December so I’m also going to be a grandpa………I’m not that old!!!! Remember to have a great school year and also remember to Sing, Dance, Live, Laugh, Learn but most of all LOVE!!!!!!!! Alan

School is OUT! Benefit Concert for HOPE HOUSE!! Everyone come!!! - June 17, 2010

School is out and summer is here. I have had two shows so far and they were both a good time. Eudora was fun we were on the stage at the middle school. I had a lot of kids play instruments and singing with me. At Bonner Spring they have a new library, it is beautiful, seems like it should be in Colorado. I met some every nice people there. I hope to be asked to come back to both places some day in the future.
I have a show coming up that I hope everyone will come to. If you live close or far I think it will be worth the drive. On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30th at 7:00 p.m. I’m doing my kid show in Ottawa, at the First Baptist Church. I’m making it a Benefit for HOPE HOUSE. I want everyone to bring a can or box of something to eat; this will be giving to HOPE HOUSE where they work with people with needs. Times are hard this days and I thought it would be good to do something good of someone else and still have a lot of fun. The good people of my church thought, that it you be great to have ICE CREAM after the show. So please put JUNE 30th on your calendar and come to Ottawa to have some fun and eat Ice Cream. If you haven’t been to First Baptist in Ottawa you should come see it. It is a Beautiful old church, I have a lot of friends that have played music there and they say it’s like playing in the old Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. The show will be full of all my hits so, come plan on singing, moving and playing so instruments. Member what it says on all my CD’s, Sing, Dance, Live, Laugh, Learn but most of all Love!!!! Alan

Millions of Cats EF, and IKE - May 10, 2010

Great Job!!!! My KDG and First grades at Eugene Field and Eisenhower both put on their music program, Millions of Cats. They both did a great job. It was a lot of hard work with four days of practice. The first two days seemed long but by the third day we looked great. It was exciting this year because this was the first time Eisenhower did one of my shows I write from a book. It worked out just fine in our little school and I thought everyone did a wonderful job. Great singing, Great acting, Great being cats……You’re the best, Alan Cunningham

Great Day at OU!!! - March 11, 2010

Yes it was a great day!! Once a year in Ottawa Kansas, all the 3rd,4th and 5th graders of Franklin County come to Ottawa University to spend the day at the Franklin County Literature Festival. This was the 9th year; I have shared my songs and stories at 7 of the festivals. The students get to meet authors and illustrators, storytellers and yes me. I saw over 500 students that day. I did four shows, we sang, danced, played some instruments and even stopped to ask and answer questions. I think it is such a great thing, kids can see how writers work and think. They can see that we are all just people that love to share our gifts and talents. The best part is the smiles and laughter. Oh and signing my name on all your hands was pretty cool for me. Remember if you got an idea, share it. If you got a story, tell it. If you got a picture, show it and if you got a song, sing it. Alan Cunningham

2010 - January 4, 2010

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and a happy start to the new year. It's my last day of vacation and thought I would say Hi. Christmas day started out with big snows here. We had 3 to 5 feet drifts and everything was white. Chad's jeep was not snowed in like the rest of the cars so we drove to Dad's late afternoon and saw him for Christmas. All my family was home for the morning opening up presents and I would have to say it was a nice day. New Years eve was quiet, PJ and I spent the night together alone. It was a good way to start the New Year. Still a lot of snow and cold all vacation. We did make a trip up to Nebraska to see PJ's mom. Chad came with us and we had a nice time with her. I did get to do a show for the students of the after school program the day we got out for vacation. It was a lot of fun. The show was full of singing and moving and giving away free CDs. A lot of the kids at the show were kids I teach, so everyone knew the songs, smiling and was singing, fun, fun.
Let’s have a great 2010. Do something good for someone else and be happy.
Happy New Year, Alan

Merry Christmas - December 22, 2009

I would like to say Merry Christmas. I hope your holyday is full of Joy, Love and Peace. I know that it is great to get presents and I hope you get what you want but remember that it feels even better to give. To give something special to someone you love is a good feeling but to give a huge and a sweet I love you can do more for the heart then any present you could ever come up with. I hope your time off with your family is good.
Merry Christmas,
Alan Cunningham

Christmas Programs - December 14, 2009

I want to let everyone know how proud I am of my 2nd and 3rd graders. Both at Eugene Field and Eisenhower. We put on the program, How the Penguins Saved Christmas. Everyone did a wonderful job. Second grade you sang out so well and third grade, you did so good on your acting and singing. I had a lot of Moms and Dads come up and say great things about you and the show. Have a very Merry Christmas, Alan

4th, 5th, United We Sing - November 17, 2009

I just want to say, GREAT JOB. Both Eugene Field and Eisenhower schools did a wonderful job on their programs. Wonderful singing and great dancing, I was proud of all of you. You worked hard and it showed. You should feel good about what you did and remember that in life if you work hard and care, good things can happen!!!! Mr. C

Football, Halloween - October 30, 2009

I help coach football at West Franklin High School that is where my son, Cord plays. Last night was our last game and Cord's last high school football game. I was so proud of him this year, he came into his own. He caught a lot of balls, made some touchdown, and kicked a couple of field goals and extra points. What made me the most proud was that he became a real football player that wasn't afraid to put his body on the line and he never gave up. It made me proud to see him do something that I loved to do when I was his age. Now it is basketball time and I know that is your game so good luck and I hope for a great year for you and your team.
At school we are starting programs, 4th and 5th grades, Eugene performs next week. Ike performs the next. We have been working on our music and dances, now we have to put it all together.
I have been busy on weekends a lot, singing at festivals. It was a lot of fun and I sold a number of CDs. I hope to do more next year.
Now that football is over I hope to have more time to write and if I can get a chance to do some more shows that would be great too.
I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!!!!

School starts again. - August 31, 2009

It’s that time of year again. School has started. We are already getting back into the swing of classes. My 5th and 4th will start working on a program for the first part of November, the name is United we sing. It will be a fun show and we will get to show off a lot of talent.
I had a great time on vacation. The last time I talked with everyone I said I was going to heaven. We went first to Moab, Utah. We jeeped in Canyon lands first and then went to Arches the next day. The land is amazing there. If you have never been go. Take a lot of water you will need it. After that we took the RV back into Colorado and stayed up by a river close to Silverton. It was so beautiful there. We jeeped all over that part of Colorado, Chad drove most of it this year. First time Chad drive Black Bear, It was a little different for me to set and not drive. Chad did a great job. After all that we headed to the cabin. The cabin is up on Grand Mesa, it is just a great place to relax.
I’m helping coach football at West Franklin, this is my second year. Cord is a senior so it makes it fun to be with him and watch him work on his game. He is looking good.
I will be doing a little singing, the next couple of months; I will be letting you know.
Come see me if I’m in your area. Alan

Clearwater - July 24, 2009

I did the last show for the summer. PJ and I had a wonderful drive down to Clearwater. It is a nice little town with some real nice people. We had a fun show. At first everyone was singing soft but it didn't take any time before everyone was singing out. There was a boy on the front row that had the greats voice, I could hear every word he sang and it sounded great. He got up on my Tooth song and did a wonderful job. Everyone did a great job who came up. A2Z, Burbs, instr. everything.
I'm going to take some time before school starts and be in heaven for awhile. I'll get back to everyone and get some pictures up!!!!!!! Have a great rest of the summer!!!

shows and wedding - July 13, 2009

Will I would have to say it has been a busy few weeks but still a lot of fun. I did a show in Wellisville, I had some girls that were getting into the music, singing along. They told me they saw me at the Franklin Co. lit. festival. It was fun watching them have fun. Next I was in Burlingame, great crowd and I meet some real nice people. I think I have some new fans, thanks for the nice words. Corning City was a new place for me to go. I had a long but nice drive. The country side was beautiful up at Corning City. We had a new library and a new place to sing. I enjoyed the kids and I meet some that new about Ottawa and the University. I drove home through the country side and loved everything I saw. I was up in Johnson County and got to see old friends and some of my best fans. We did two shows there, each show was a little different because of the age of kids but I got to here some great singers. Thanks for sharing your talents with me.
Next on July 3rd my daughter Tara got married to Chris Huggard. We had a wonderful wedding at the church and then came out to my back yard and had the reception and a dance. It went well and everyone had a good time. We had the biggest tent right out side our back door. It was a great night and we got to see all our family and friends. Thanks for everyone’s help. We couldn’t have done it with out all of you!!!
On Monday, after the wedding, PJ and I went down to Viola and did a show there. I have been there three times. Some of the nicest people and good singers, we had a good time and thanks for all the smiles. I will be getting pictures on of the summer so be looking for them.

It's summer!!! - June 13, 2009

Summer has started!!! The last 2 weeks have been full of kid shows and enjoying summer vacation. Fist we went to Fort Scott. I would have to say that I love going down there. I have been going for some years now and because of being there every year it seems everyone knows my songs. The singing was big, with everyone singing and laughing and having a good time. I had a super star there for my first show; she was 5 years old and could do anything, even burp!!!! She was special. I saw faces that I knew from past shows and friends that have known for many of years.
Next we went to Overbrook. It has been years since I was there, it was a great show. A lot of kids and everyone was singing and dancing. Overbrook has a great place to do the shows. It was a lot of fun. I got ask to do 2 shows and Brookside and I’m so glad I went and shared my songs. Lunch was great and everyone was so nice. I look forward to going back to Overbrook!
PJ and I went up north to Wetmore. I though it was my first time there. I was wrong. I was there right after my motorcycle wreck 5 years ago. I remember it was my first show and it was still hard to move but I was having so much fun that getting in the square metal tub wasn’t that hard at all. PJ was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get out. Wetmore has a great program, a lot of kids and a nice place to do concerts. Good people! Great kids!! I had a girl that sang out on every song.
We headed to Lyndon after that show. It was raining cats and dogs and anything else that could come out of the sky. We made it just it time to do the show. I say Lyndon is like going home. I taught there for 5 years, many years ago. I saw friends and students that were mine and now they were bringing their children, hard to believe. It was a fun show. I had one mother tell me that I taught her K – 3rd grade. She was in my first musical, Proud to Be Elves. The thing she said that I loved was when we sang A to Z, my ABC song, she told me she had been singing that to her children and didn’t know where it came from. She learned it in kindergarten from me and the song was living through her and she didn’t even know it was mine. I think that is exciting. That’s how folk music stayed alive for years and years.
We went to Carbondale the next day and I would have to say, what a show. I had 2 little ones that were like my wiggle jack. Full of energy, all over the place but still it was a fun time. There were some great singing and dancing and really nice kids. I would go back anytime to Carbondale, I just wished I had as much energy as those 2 little ones.
I just want to say have a great summer, I get a week off and then I’m singing again. I wish I could sing all the time… and that’s the true!!! Tara and Chad have their birthdays tomorrow, June 14th has always been a big day in our family. My Mom's birthday was June 14th also. Flag Day, Alan
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