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Alan Cunningham: Links

My Facebook

Go to my Facebook and look at the pictures of the Southeast Tour.  Alot of good pictures!!

CD Baby


Fort Scott library show
Doing a Saturday morning show at Fort Scott.


Kevin's Amazing People
Kevin was a student of mine and a great friend. He touched my heart!!!
Ottawa Herald
The Herald did a story about my work. They did a nice job.
Ottawa Herald Page 2
At the bottom left is the end of the article.
Children's Lit. Fest. Ottawa Herald Story

A good write up!!


Alan Cunningham, Big Bad Bumble Bee
This was at the Franklin County Literature Festival, I had a girl come up out of the audience and film it on the fly. I thought she did a good job and my burp guy was great, very talented! The day was fun with a lot of singing, laughing and the students had great questions about writing songs.
Alan Cunningham, Christmas, My Little One
I wrote a little lullaby for my granddaughter, Kennedy Grace, on Christmas night. She has been a joy in our life.
The Meadow by Alan Cunningham

The Meadow is a song I wrote years ago and Cord my son wanted to make a video. I thought he did a good job. This is in my back yard.

Why Cry

A sad song I wrote years ago.  About someone that thought love would be different.  It was recorder at the Songwriters Circle Party at Art Closet Studios. April 2014. 

Alan Cunningham - It Is You (original)

I shared my original song, It is You, at the Songwriters Circle of Kansas City. Jan 2014 at Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard.

Children's Lit. Fest. Ottawa Herald

The 14th Annual Franklin Co. Children's Lit. Fest.  The Ottawa Herald used my song for their video, when they covered the Lit. Fest.  It was a fun day of sharing my songs, telling the stories behind how and why they were written!!